Aug. 22nd, 2016

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Bleach has finally ended after 15 years.
What follow to that ending is a LIVE-ACTION ADAPTATION FILM. My reaction to this news was "Japan pls just stop with this live-action adaptation".

Here is the guy that'll be playing Ichigo. I had to google him because to find out that he was Kamen Rider Fourze (didn't watch that series it was one of the awful ones) no wonder he looked fimiliar.

Back to the manga, I havent read Bleach for a very long time that I even forgot where I stopped. Although I skimmed read sometimes whenever my sister told me some important plot developement but I'm still way out of touch. So I need some help here, dead people can have children now? I mean Ichigo's dad was a Shinigami but his mom was a human so I kinda allow myself to believe that one alive parent is require to create babies but Renji and Rukia are both dead can self populate soul society? If yes the children of both dead parent is alive or dead?

Also, what exactly is the ending because weren't they were just in the middle of a fight and suddently time skip?

I have so many questions?

p/s: I probably should use the word "soul" rather than "dead" because it seems like I'm talking about zombies but you get the idea.


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