Apr. 8th, 2017

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Can anyone please explain to me what's wrong with the new ToS? I think I might be missing some key important point in the new ToS.

I read it and it pretty much standard blog/social media ToS with the only major thing is change of service to Russia.

Regarding sexual content the word obscene or pornographic usually refer to real life pornographic materials (like human being).

Also regarding the "translated agreement not legally binding", for someone who live in a country that uses many languages for contract this is quiet common. The original language of which the contract is written in is the one the party involves will be bound to. This is to avoid conflict in cases where there are discrepancies.

There's always commotion whenever users were ask to agreed to new agreement. I've seen this multiple times before Deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr, Artsy, mobile apps. This usually stem from misunderstanding (legal stuff is always convolated) and sometime because the user don't even know the original ToS that they agreed to when they created the account and sometime is simply because the ToS is just not agreeable.

LJ has made changes to the ToS from time to time but no new agreement require which I guessed because of prior changes were made by the same company when we first created the account with. So the transfer of service will require new agreement with the new company.

Please anyone enlighten me, I don't want to get screwed over because I'm missing something important in the ToS.

p/s: If thing really goes downhill I have Dreamwidth account with same name which I opened way back in 2012. Used to crosspost to here but picture didn't carry over so I stopped but I guess now time to crosspost again.


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