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Well, first impression on my PC. We already using Win10 on our entertainment PC since it early introduction because that PC came with Win8 and it sucks bad campared to Win10.

July hasn't been very good for me and mostly because of Win10.

I upgraded my PC to Win10 and it took out one of my hard disk, spends weeks trying to salvage the disk and no avail. Because of my unsuccessful attempt for salvation I decided to just get a new one and when surveying for current market price I found out that the price is 25% more than when I bought my old drive. Since I'm in the it can't be help situation and my PC really need a replacement I went out to buy anyway and again my luck ran out 2T drive is completely out of stock from manufacturer so here I am using my PC in degrade state.

I've taken every percaution when I decided to upgrade my PC to Win10. I decided to do it because I want to lock my license for free Win10 and I'm planning to roll back to Win7 after the major Win10 update on Aug 2nd. I made back up and stuff and check my PC compatibility, if only (if freaking only) microsoft actually explicitly stated that Win10 upgrade will destroy RAID, the entire predicament I'm facing now could have been avoided. Honestly now I feel like emailing microsoft "Please pay for my destroyed HDD, thank you".
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