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Well, this is a very emotional chapter and probably my favourite one. I expected Ishiyama to down play the options but he manages to lay it all out.

When I read the previous chapter I'm began to weigh which one the humanity needs right now. Armin has showed great potential to as good strategist and with experience and grooming he can be a great leader. Erwin on the other hand is respectable brilliant man with experience, leadership and charisma.

I feel for Eren and Mikasa in their effort to save their friend but if I was in Levi shoes and view the options solely based on objective I would've choosen Erwin which Hanji and other senior soldiers agreed, they are in desperate time and in desperately need for good leadership right at this moment which is enough reason to lose a highly potential individual for future.

Honestly before reading this chapter I was ready to accept either one of them to die despite me being Armin bias. I'm happy that Armin get second chance but I'm still sad for Erwin, at least he gets to go out nicely (not get eaten and puke back out by titan like many other soldiers and still bodily intact) and from previous chapter 80 this war against titan slowly strips him out of his self-preservation and probably also his sanity.

RIP Erwin.

Bertolt is also dead now (?) Armin ate him. Can Bertolt regenerate after the his head got crushed between molar, if he can he might still be alive somewhere in the waste of Armin's titan body.

I don't feel much for him because I though that he always disturbing humanity progress with his lack of resolve.

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