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I keep forgetting to post about this but when hoshi_kuzuu posted dropping project licensed by Renta it all coming back.

Actually I found out about it from a thread on Mangaupdates when people discussing english releases by Renta. I was made aware that Renta is merely an ebook site just like its Japanese counterpart.

(MU thread, there are other similar thread just search through the forum.)


-What about all those titles that only avaiable on Renta?
They just have the exclusive release of it just like some of CR titles (less and less title exclusive to CR these days Comixology has bunch of the same titles available).

-So who is the real publisher?
The real publisher is whoever Renta listed as publisher (seriously, they never credited themselves as publisher).

-Proof that the credited publisher is the real publisher.
Here one of em They also serve manga by other publishers like those licensed by DMP and Harlequin which publishes Harlequin manga.

Many people are not aware of this, if you look at MU there are many title listed as licensed by Renta even when on the cover there's obvious DMG or June logo on it. I also noticed that they mainly cater to not mainstream manga. They used to have quite a sum of shounen titles but not as many anymore especially they literally re-brand themselves as "Renta! is The Official Romance-manga Site".

Mainstream manga publishers like Kodansha & Kodakawa seems to either avoid or just prefer some better ebook sites like cd japan, amazon kindle, comixology etc. Well, they are big time publishers and many has their own exclusive ebook site for example Kodakawa Book Walker (paid content), Comic Walker (free content).

Although if I put on my conspiracy theory hat on, it was because Renta service; their ebook reader and their ebook quality is pretty bad. The reader sometimes just stop working and you have to close and re-open from the beginning and the image quality is grainy and it grating on you when you read. At the bright side the typesetting and font choice for their exclusive titles has improve in their newer releases (older releases can't be help).

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lol... my old posts full of typos xD
But yeah that is the case with Renta. Later on MU cam up with a system where Licensed in Eeglish is set on No but English publisher is written Renta so people know it's available in English. MU hasn't changed what is written on series page cause they lost the coder so this is round about way of sloving it. Nobody is evording the rule tho :x

As for typesetting, Amimaru is working on their English releases, they're probably translating it as well. And since back in the days they recruited people from scanlation groups the typesetting quality obviously got better.

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I haven't found any on MU that list like that. In the thread I linked above the mod said they won't add ebook to their site.

I always find it kinda funny when companies recruit people that do/did scanlation but end up with product that worst than scanlation. My thought on this they must be paid poorly or at least experience scanlator just don't want to work with these companies. I read some bad scanlation before like off centre lettering, terrible english (mostly from by 2nd hand scanlation JP>other language>eng) but nowadays scanlators are pretty good, some even as good as official release. (Many groups used to work on Naruto before Viz ramped up their crusade against scanlator. Some of them like japflap and nstb were very very good and they were working from magazine scan).

Example of poor quality official release: "Nip you in the bud"

Another thing about Renta that I may or may not make another post on is their "license" material. Most of the titles on Renta is not from volume release, they are web release. Other publisher can license the volume ver. We discussed this before in my old post This also is apply to other sites like CR and Mangabox. Basically we really need new system to label each manga info correctly.

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