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Well I expected this but not really like this. Just after things are looking good to them they got sour really fast.

I would take it better if he dies at the end, after they accomplished their goal. I thought they gonna kill him off at the very end and let him enjoy "the place where they belong" just for a split second before he died.

Also the luck and the bias of screen writer on the bad guys is way too apparent, the bad guys escape major death twice by absolute chance and not to mention survive scot-free after got blown by bomb, stabbed by giant sword (this happen way too many times) and literally survive after becoming vegetable. We in the fandom call this screen writer's plot armor.

The screen wrtier of this series is a sadist and that make us masochist lol. She make the death of Spike Siegel and Nanashi (Sword of Stangers) looks better.
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Warning spoiler, spoiler everywhere.

FYI generally in war theme story regradless on which media I'm pretty open about tragedy and character death whomever they might be because war by nature is pretty much a death pit and vortex for tragedies.

But IBO you hurt me (emotionally), tears were shed, the anticipation frustrates me (ten fold for someone like me who couldn't stand cliff hanger), the death flag gnawing at the back of my mind as to whether it'll comes true YET I can't stop watching.

Honestly I think the build up tragedy is what really got to me.

E40 Naze and Amina death

E41 Lafter death

E43 MacGillis back story  (Izanio you creepy child-predator sadistic asshole)

E45 Shino death (did not expect this) and possible Orga death flag.

Orga asking Mika to be vanguard to their head-on mission
Mika: Anything you order me to do.
Orga: This will be my last request.

Me: Not cool Orga, not cool. Don't say that!

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The most destructive relationship of two protagonist in Gundam history, they bring the worst out of each other.

Someone needs to do an intervention, probably too late but still...

The worst part of this week ep is this (I probably the only one who feels that way though...)

This scene I was like "oh, god please no. Just no!".
Atra heel, heel! How did you make that conclusion? Why does a baby will make everything better? I find it quite the opposite considering how much Mika wants to protect those that around him.

I honestly from the beginning couldn't quite grasp why Atra ship Mika and Kudelia so much, Mika pretty much acts the same towards everyone (except Orga). It was Kudelia who showed interest in Mika and suddenly she backs off thinking she doesn't stand a change winning Mika's heart agaisnt Kudelia.

Also imagining Mika suddently interested in sex is quite difficult since so far his priority are these: Eat>Barbatos>Orga's vision>the rest of the world.

Thinking about the future of this series regarding this "baby" brings me back to my bad memory in anime Blood+ when Diva raped Riku and in manga Loveless when Soubi lost his ears. In story setting not centered in romance (i.e not porno or romance) sex among minor and especially sex with minor disturb me, very.


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