Dec. 26th, 2016

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The most destructive relationship of two protagonist in Gundam history, they bring the worst out of each other.

Someone needs to do an intervention, probably too late but still...

The worst part of this week ep is this (I probably the only one who feels that way though...)

This scene I was like "oh, god please no. Just no!".
Atra heel, heel! How did you make that conclusion? Why does a baby will make everything better? I find it quite the opposite considering how much Mika wants to protect those that around him.

I honestly from the beginning couldn't quite grasp why Atra ship Mika and Kudelia so much, Mika pretty much acts the same towards everyone (except Orga). It was Kudelia who showed interest in Mika and suddenly she backs off thinking she doesn't stand a change winning Mika's heart agaisnt Kudelia.

Also imagining Mika suddently interested in sex is quite difficult since so far his priority are these: Eat>Barbatos>Orga's vision>the rest of the world.

Thinking about the future of this series regarding this "baby" brings me back to my bad memory in anime Blood+ when Diva raped Riku and in manga Loveless when Soubi lost his ears. In story setting not centered in romance (i.e not porno or romance) sex among minor and especially sex with minor disturb me, very.


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