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Also found out that Resident Evil has new animated film, love the previous animated film probably will watch this one too.

Leon looks so different I did not recognize him if not for the hair style.

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I watched this movie...

I'm not the one paying for the ticket so I guess I can still claim that this movie does not profit from my money.

2 warnings to anyone on planning watching this movie.
1) It's really gross, personal grossness level may differ between individuals.
2) Prepare your ears, the jump scare music perhaps a little too loud.
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I have no idea why there are suddenly a torrent of live-action projects being green lit in Japan.


From the look of the cast Al most likely be CG, I guess that'll be easier than practical effect. The guy they cast for Ed is not really that short 5'5" (I looked at the still) so I guess the rest of the cast member will be considerable taller than he is. His height is important in plot if they want to take it further or they can just gloss over it.

Tokyo Ghoul

Mmkay. Masataka Kubota the man that plays Kaneki looks old for the role though, he's 28 yo.


This is one project that made me immediately said "not gonna be good". Out of all manga/anime in Japan they picked Gintama for life action? It's not that Gintama is not good but more like it comics (as in comedy) don't work in real life, well at least I feel that way. They can go for the more serious arch but even that is very difficult to pull off.
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According to wiki the release date is on 13 June 2014 and the third film already confirm on 2016. The second film trailer looks a little more mature than the first one, well hiccup is a teenager now.

I should be doing work now, but i cant connect to the computer at work *sob sob. what should i do now?
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Justice League The Flash Point Paradox
The Flash centric JL story.
I love this movie, it pretty twisted in it's own way.

It started from a scene from Barry childhood where his mom told him about a prayer her gran told her "accept the things you cannot change" but he never understood it. Fast forward to the present where Barry now The Flash got a emergency call when visited his mom grave.

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.05.58_[2013.07.20_03.32.26]
Flash pinned to the wall by Thawne and the gang. When the thugs finally arrested Thawne mention to Flash "no matter how fast you run, you can't save everyone"

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.14.32_[2013.07.20_03.05.23]Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.14.35_[2013.07.20_03.05.31]
Perplexed Barry. He woke up from the nap at work and his mom is still alive, he is not The Flash and the world is at war and nearing it ends.
The scene where Barry told his mom that everything has change and probably due to him. His mom thought that he is gay and told him it's ok if he is. This scene really cracked me up (LOL) Flash probably the least gay or the least to be associated with gay, he has happily married with kids compared to other heroes.

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.20.11_[2013.07.20_03.06.40]
To figure things out he visited the Wayne manor to seek for Bruce.

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.21.26_[2013.07.20_03.07.56]Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.30.08_[2013.07.20_03.17.43]
Instead of Bruce he found Thomas as Batman and Bruce was killed by the mob. From there he knew that something is wrong with the time and asked for Batman help to restore his power in order to go back in time.

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.50.06_[2013.07.20_03.18.16]Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.55.34_[2013.07.20_03.18.26]
Even with Flash power restored the cannot break the time barrier because the Thawne had siphon the speed. He told Batman maybe Superman can do it. They found Superman with the help of Cyborg but he flew off after killing an entire army or soldiers. So since nothing left can be done they decided to go to the war zone and try to stop the war.

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_00.56.31_[2013.07.20_03.19.00]Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_01.02.44_[2013.07.20_02.47.13]
On the way Batman told Flash that he intercept an information that Thawne is in the war zone. They fought hard together with the resistant at the war zone but two armies of superhuman are too much for them.
"Batman and grifter, the boy Idiot", the Gritter is actually Jason Todd LOL.

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_01.12.13_[2013.07.20_02.57.05]Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_01.14.01_[2013.07.20_03.19.22]
Flash fought with Thawne and terribly injured. Thawne told Flash that he did all this, Flash remembered that he had save his mom which create a ripple effect to the timeline. Batman put a bullet through Thawne brain and with his death the siphon is lifted. Flash now can go back in time to stop himself from saving his mom which the cause of all all turmoil.

Justice.League.The.Flashpoint.Paradox.2013.DVDRiP.XviD.AC3 - BiTo.avi_snapshot_01.16.18_[2013.07.20_03.13.07]
Time is now back to normal. Flash told Batman (Bruce) what had happen and wonder why he still retained the memory of the event. He also gave Batman a letter which Thomas had passed to him.
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Just finished watching Rurouni Kenshin 2012, It MARVELOUS~~ i give the film A. Most of my complains are on the character itself coz i read the manga (i have to suck it up, no one can look like the manga character. I fully praise Sato Takeru, he's amazing. He has grown so much since Den-O and i have to say he is perfect as Kenshin. Sanosuke looks a little small, coz he suppose to be tall but slim. As for Saito the character match but he should have frown more (LOL). Kaoru, Megumi and Yahiko all good but i particularly like Megumi when she explains about her past, i dunno why it makes me cry a little watching her cry. I would expect a sequel perhaps (I would love to see it), since they did shows a little about Kenshin past. The setting and the wardrobe is just incredible, the hair style too. It doesnt look forced, they tried to be as true as possible to the manga but in a realistic way so it looks natural. One thing though the music i feel a little off too modern i guess, in fact the credit song is actually in English. The musics are good but not suitable. They should learn a little bit from Sword of Stranger OST, it tear jerker. This film missing a "+" for me just because of the music.

BTW I first watched the film in airplane since the screen so close to my face (economy seat). I only managed to watch for the first half of the film (it's a 2 hours film). I had to continue watching it at home comfortable in my zaisu.

My fav scene, run run real fast my little Battaousai.
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I'm currently reading Darren Shan novel, to me this novel was beautifully written but overly elaborated which enough to make some stop reading, but for those who continued will have great pleasure.
I have 2 more books to finish. Actually i dont intend to buy & read the novel coz i knew the series from manga & wish to read the rest in manga form. But when i knew the movie was coming out i panicked coz i dont like to watch movies based on novels that i already knew part of it before finish reading them. So i bought the entire series, when i knew that the movie was based on the first 3 books so i quickly read them and go watch the movie. The movie was a disappoinment (sucks in another word) though.

Right now i just want to finish reading the novel peacefully without even thinking about the movie *sigh.

catching up

May. 6th, 2009 02:16 pm
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i was so busy for the past few months and havent been able to go online so much, now i i'm free (only for a week though) but it's really diffucult to catch up what you left for months in only a week. *cries*.

there a lot of comic book movies coming out (some alreaady out)!!!

p/s: oh yeah my manga and comic book craze cover expand through east and west =D
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