Sep. 18th, 2016 01:46 am
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I recently (exactly one month) play Final Fantasy Brave Evius and got myself too immersed into their event Festival of the Autumn Moon. It was my first event too.

Since the event started on the 1st Sept I have been doing nothing in my free time but farming ingredient for Mogcake and crafting Mogcake. I even set-up alarm to when my Mogcake would finish crafting so I can craft a new batch.

I'm proud (or not) to announce that I completed the event, I got all the items I wanted to get and more and yet still have plenty of Mogcake and ingredient left over with 4 more crafting days to go.

New event is coming up and according to other player the new event it won't be as intense. It was also mentioned that the Autumn Moon event is the most intense/hardest event so far. Also I dunno if I can commit to another event so soon, I'm still recovering from the Mogcake event frenzy. When you life is molded to cater for a HP game's event I think that is when you should take a step back for a little while.
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It's kinda odd to have the sub-title after the main title. Shouldn't it be like Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive?

Hear yee hear yee!
Everyone, I implore you to watch this movie. I, myself have watched it twice in a row.

Made by the same team as FF:AC and everything has improved a lot. The fight scene at the end still a little too fast and everywhere.
It's a good start to get people hype on the game, but unfortunately the hype probably be hampered by Square Enix themselves since they delayed the release date of the game again... Well there were rumours that this game is not anywhere near "complete" so I guess the delay probably a good thing. Releasing a game full of bugs probably will make people even more mad than a delay.

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Final Fantasy 15 (Final Fantasy Versus 13) E3 Trailer(720p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_03.34_[2013.06.11_23.58.24]

Final Fantasy versus XIII Final Fantasy XV


Jan. 31st, 2013 03:10 am
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This game was released a couple weeks a go and i've been following it for a long time. Honestly my first impression this game is absolute madness in Capcom side, they actually asked Ninjatheory to develop this game. what happen is that we get foul language, sexual innuendos and people having sex (not explicitly). I simply do not like these thing to be in the game (it's ok if other media) .I do play rated M game but mostly for violent part not sexual content and my games are all parents friendly (at least tolerable). Many peoples thought at first that this game is the prequel of DMC franchise which pissed many DMC fan. Than Capcom made a statement that this is not a prequel more but a reboot nonetheless it still anger the fan (Ninjatheory even get death threat because of this)

Refused to buy the game once it released i decided to watch the cut scene instead just to see whether this game worth my penny. So i did watch it and my comments are, the story telling and the character interaction are entertaining despite what i mention above. How ever changing the original, core concept of DMC is soo not cool. Dante and Virgil are twin born from Human mother and demon dad and both were born with white hair. The mother's medallion which she gave to the brothers are both red.

In DmC Dante and Virgil were born from angel mother and demon father, they are a race called nephilim. The mother (seems to be bias of Dante) gave them one pendant necklace each red to Dante and Blue to Virgil. The nephilim was once a race of it's own until the demon obliterate them because of their ability to kill the Demon King. Extinct the Demon King rules the human world using subtle method debt, misdirect the using the news and keep them docile by giving them lobotomy in can drink called Virility.

Well i guess the reason they wanted to make eva an angel and another race called nephilim is because they wanted Virgil to rule human in the name of nephilim. I would prefer this game to be an original game that has nothing to do with DMC. Just made up any story that could fit the characters like Dante and Virgil (and please give different name). To me it would be more entertaining that way as my mind will just keep DMC at the back of my head and can enjoy the game without my brain criticizing the game for it not stinking to the core storyline. The only thing that i really like in DmC is that the brother interaction more brotherly, Virgil almost always call Dante by name or "brother", Dante shows that he cares (instead of being sarcastic). In DMC the brothers love and care for each other (they brother after all) but they never show (only in DMC3 when they rephrasing their childhood word JACKPOT"

Anyway some pic of DmC
pic below )
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Found this on tumblr, i almost cried when i saw this. They all look happy, this would be true if Kircheis is alive. What about Yang then?
Maybe i should hired people to write me a fanfic of LOGH alternate ending according to what i want LOL.


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