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He's barely ALIVE!

No CPR require after all.
Now we need a poll Save Erwin or Save Armin (even their names rhyme).
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I have no idea why there are suddenly a torrent of live-action projects being green lit in Japan.


From the look of the cast Al most likely be CG, I guess that'll be easier than practical effect. The guy they cast for Ed is not really that short 5'5" (I looked at the still) so I guess the rest of the cast member will be considerable taller than he is. His height is important in plot if they want to take it further or they can just gloss over it.

Tokyo Ghoul

Mmkay. Masataka Kubota the man that plays Kaneki looks old for the role though, he's 28 yo.


This is one project that made me immediately said "not gonna be good". Out of all manga/anime in Japan they picked Gintama for life action? It's not that Gintama is not good but more like it comics (as in comedy) don't work in real life, well at least I feel that way. They can go for the more serious arch but even that is very difficult to pull off.
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I received this news second hand because I haven't read SnK in a while and this was really unexpected.
Why, Isayama!?

Hint: the charred body is the clever little blond dude.

What about the "three of us together" thingy or the "let go see the ocean" thingy?
Eren try doing CPR on him he might still be alive, people can still survive 3rd degree burn (take a long time to recover and most probably skin graft surgery and hair might never grow back but definitely can survive! Also his pants still on so that's something right?).

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HxH c356 - I don't think he's dead there because I feel that self-destruct to kill mindless puppet is not Hisoka's style but does this hinted that he's not gonna survive this fight between Kuroro? He already lost a hand and a foot but I don't want Kuroro to die either ;_;.

While I'm trying to get my head around this week HxH I found out that there is a spinoff of HxH centered on Hisoka. Ishida Sui will be the artist for the spin-off and the draft of the story already published to the public at shounenjump. I never was fan of spin-off and this remains true even though Ishida Sui is working on it but in this case my main problem is that this spin-off is about Hisoka. For me Hisoka is one of the mysterious character in HxH and I very much like him to remain that way but with the spin-off I don't think he'll remain mysterious anymore (since the story is practically his origin!!).

The jump website for Hisoka spin-off (click pic)

p/s: It's like someone reveal how ugly Narsus painting is.
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Kachou Fuugetsu vol.5 is released today and I feel like I need to get this off my chest. I really don't fancy the cover design for this series.

I find it painfully dull and because of the extreme close up to the face they are hardly any colour on the cover. I can only see 2 colors which are shade of black and shade of brown. The vol.3 cover has a little pop of color red but a very pale red and negligible (and I cannot get over that it looks like sabato has to teeth).

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It'll be hillarious if their parents each has only one curly eyebrow and the children get it from both of their parents.

I'm pretty sure Reiju gonna be all heart eyes when she sees good looking man, it looks like going all googly heart eyes at good looking opposite sex is also a family trait.
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Has anyone read Boruto manga? Well if you don't just look at the art!

From the first look of it I was like did Kishimoto suffer from hand injury because the art is not good but it turned out Kishimoto only lend his name to the manga. It was drawn by Mikio Ikemoto and the scripted by Ukyou Kodachi.

As I was reading I was like "heh, ok I guess I can deal" but then I look at Hinata "who..." and then Sasuke "Nope, nope". This Boruto manga was based on the movie and the character appearances already established why did he changed the character appearances! I can deal with different of art style considering it was done by different artist but deliberately change the appearance of established character is unwarranted.

At first I thought Hinata and Naruto hired a babysitter.

Apparently Sasuke's hair is curly hair now, all character with long hair has the curl. Sakura has different hair too.

Well the artist working in Dragon Ball manga now and Doraemon manga after the death of Fujio F. Fujiko have the same style (almost identical) to the original creator, I guess Kishimoto apprentice still not up to that level.

BTW Boruto the movie was good, watch it! I watched it in the cinema and I wish I went for second.
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I stumbled across this (above) article and I think that all women should take note regardless you want to get pragnant and have kids or not (for advising other women). Some people are unable to get their post pregnancy baby and this might have something to do with that.
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I noticed many mistakes while I was reading LOGH vol.1 and clearly my copy was the first print of the novel.

Looking at this tweet they pretty much acknowledge they released mistakes littered book to the mass and I'm pissed. The "six" error were not the only errors, trust me I read the book. There were awkward phrasing like you to have to read several times to understand, there were also repetitive word and the best of all they made mistake spelling main character name on the character intro page!

Basically I'm worried about vol.2, I obviously have pre-ordered it and I think I should cancel and wait several month or a year for second print. If I bought the first print I'll just be a free makeshift copy editor for Haikasoru. I waited for this novel to be licensed for a long time, publisher neglecting QC for reader to do it instead is not something I fancy.

p/s: yes, I sent email to them telling about the mistakes I found.

vol.2 )

Good start

Jan. 20th, 2016 12:46 am
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Well 2016 has been good so far Nakamura Asumiko and Yamashita Tomoko artbook will be out in Feb and Mar respectively. LOGH novel in english will be out in April and LOGH new manga by Ryu Fujisaki will be out next month. Acid Town finally be getting vol.5!!

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The new manga is being serialize in Nemuki magazine, I honestly am not familiar at all with this magazine nor the publisher. I skimmed through the list of publication under Asahi Shinbun and the only recognise one is Terra e...

From the picture it looks like it'll be in modern setting, well technically Amatsuki also in modern setting lol.
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I was (still) looking for website that listed commercial booth for Comiket because I lost the link. I went to look at CR news because sometimes they highlight some of the booth and maybe with luck I'll find it.

But I found article

I don't think this strategy for blood donation is wise. Comiket is probably in the list of the "events that blood is definitely needed" despite the cool reward you'll receive in return. I predict that some donators will faint immediately or somewhere in the mid of queuing to buy stuff, which ultimately be more of a hassle then good to the Comiket committee. I understand their reasoning with that many people they probably can get a lot of donators but I hope they do it in close space because one for people to recover a little after you take a pine of their blood and two to shield those blood bags for people who couldn't stand blood (which can lead to more fainting).

p/s: What is the link for site that listed commercial booth for Comiket?
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Honestly, I dont like it because this series is hard core and and getting serialize in magazine and publish as commercial manga only means the cencorship gonna be a bitch awful. On the other hand if it's publish commercially rather than dj, it'll be easier to hand my hands on it rather than stalking toranoana page like a maniac. However gentosha books qualities, the paper and color pages are mediocre at best and I own tanaca dj for this series title 輪っ! (an extra for the webcomic) and the quality is good. So yeah, for me the cons of this series picked up by rutile is more than the pros.

Also, Tanaca minimized the cencorship and it's very clean censorship too. So I'm not sure how rutile gonna handle it. Magazine publication usually has less censorship than manga, so I'm tempted on buying this month Rutile just to have a look at it (haven't decided yet).

I guess we're lucky considering gentosha picking this up rather than libre. Libre censorship is the worst out of all publishers out there because there are absolutely no dick, asshole or genitals in general. All white out!

p/s: Do dildos will be censored also? This webcomic has a lot of dildos...

p/s/s: This month magazine also has new series from Hidaka Shoko, maybe another reason to get this magazine. Also ACID TOWN.
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Miwa new series RWBY.

What is going to happen to DOGS bullet and carnage!?
Miwa I really like you but I also really like Badou, please don't drop DOGS.
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Miwa new series RWBY.

What is going to happen to DOGS bullet and carnage!?
Miwa I really like you but I also really like Badou, please don't drop DOGS.
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So, I noticed that there has been a long time since Nerieru scans release OPM chapter while they still very much alive when they still keep up with ONE MOP Psycho. So I went to their website and noticed OPM no longer in their project (which also means no more dl links). So I went to batoto to check if there any update there and this is what I saw

So Viz sent a DMCA to batoto (nerieru and narieru MF acc too obviously) for it. Honestly, I didn't know that it is license.

What made me curious about the licensing is that how much does it cover because the ver. that was scanlated was free web version in murata website. This ver is solely belongs to ONE and Murata, the japanese publisher has the ringht to turn it into print (yes, I checked there is no digital ver in japanse other than what published in Murata website) and the english publisher only has the right to published in english what the japanese publisher has published.

In summary the licensing deal in english was made between publishers Shueisha and Viz (not the copyright holder aka artist/author). Therefore the english licensor aka Viz has no right to the web version of OPM and has no right to send DMCA relating to the material.

What made me say this is because this is similar to Busamen Danshi case. All the digital japanese ver. from all website that sell digital manga are those from Fancomics and not from Tokyo Mangasha (the publisher that release Busamin Danshi print). The english digital ver. of Busamen Danshi that was publish in Renta was also from Fancomic ver. not Tokyo Mangasha.( I talked a little bit about Busamen Danshi licensing here in my old post)

Basically there are two seperate publishers for digital and print. Since OPM digital is publish freely in Murata website it has no publisher (just the writer/author) and therefore the right to the materiel not belong to any publisher.

So now, does Viz which I assume the one sent the DMCA coz the manga was taken down after the english license (or Shueisha but unlikely) step over their licensing boundary?
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Either his head or hand both going to be suck.
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It's good to know that mangaka herself finds bouncy boobies totally inappropriate. Here I thought I'm the only one. Just for the record I have nothing agaisnt boobies instead I have problem with physic of bouncy boobs and total waste of man power and resources trying to animate boobs. It's ok to do that for fanservice anime or hentai but for serious anime that boobs are hardly the reason why people watch it in the first place is kinda unnecessary.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha an exemplary of boobs anime.
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I'm was never really into fan fic because I feel that good fanfic is hard to find. If I remember correctly the last time I was reading fanfic was when Hakushaku Cain by Kaoru Yuki still ongoing, which was probably in late 90s to early 2000.

Last 4 weeks when I was dead bored with nothing to read mostly because I have no access to my manga collection (even physical ones) and refuse to use manga reading site (because page loading will just add to my boredom than sooth it). So I thought to myself let just read some fanfic. I was trying to look for some western fandom DC Universe (Batman to be exact) because it rare to find DJ for them and I prefer to read DJ for Japanese fandom (just because reading DJ is much fun and there are abundance of DJ for them). Since I don't know any good website for fanfic I just google Batman/Superman fanfic and it direct me to this lovely website and since then I have been reading fanfic for various western fandom there.

The website have search bar, tags and categories it easy to find fandom or certain genre, kink, pairing. I started with PWP fic because most of them are short read (no plot lol) and I was just read to quench my boredom. But I got hooked and read many more fic and much longer fic with multiple chapter, series even. For the past weeks I found myself to read a lot of fluff while skip reading the porn part of the storyline, which I find funny because I was there originally to read porn. Some of the writers there are really good and I have to admit I'm satisfy with most of my read (mainly because I sort the fic by hits and kudos, basically I'm already reading the cream of the crop). There is also option for "complete only" if you only want fic that are already completed. I have read a lot of completed fic and have moved on to ongoing fic, I created an account in AO3 just to get update from all the fic/series/writer that I follow.

If you want to read fanfic I highly recommend AO3, there are really good writers there and wide range of genre, kink, etc. *thumbs up.
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Went to my cousin house for her wedding last week, we arrived 2 days earlier to "help out". Unlike the old days there were really nothing much to help out in the modern wedding, so I ends up laying around in the house reading manga.
I chose to read Amatsuki since the recent chapter has been intense and it looks like the ending is near so I might as well revisit the old chapters.

Marathon Amatsuki felt awesome, this manga definitely fell on the heavier/complicated side of manga plot normal distribution, just look at how many translation notes there are to the meaning behind sentences, terms, historical figures and stuff (kudos to Sanada the translator). Since I read it once and when I read it again I can connect the dots much easier and I pretty much have better understanding to the storyline now. It feels very much like watching matrix trilogy the second time, where you go "ahh, that how it is" even though at the first time you wish Neo just take the blue pill (LOL).

Amatsuki has been release with additional booklet for sometimes and the scanlation did some of that too and honestly for me the story in the booklet is as much important as the rest of the story. It can be left out but you'll get better understanding to the plot if you read. This is my pet peeves when it comes to special/limited ed. booklet and it kinda sad. I bought Amatsuki special booklet 100 chapter commemoration of auction, it's about Brayuroku maybe i'll scan it and give it to eg to scanlate.

BTW Ward magazine is discontinued, so sad I followed several stories in there. Some of the series will be online serialization and some will be release in Zero-sums. Haigakura another Takayama Shinobu series that has been serialized in Ward will be published in Zero-sums so now I wonder if this will be alternating with Amatsuki or they will be release togerher? Zero-sums is monthly magazine while Ward was bimonthly magazine so there is possibility of it to be alternate but it also means Amatsuki progress will be cut to half. So now I'm just waiting for them to announce the content of Zero-sums for July (since last Ward release in May).
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